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Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

Alphess Rain OMKnMB6
The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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Post by Rain on Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:36 pm



Alphess Rain TfY4dlF


{If you're a rogue, type rogue}


The first thing that can be noticed is that she has bright green eyes that darken and lighten with her mood. Light green means she's stressed. Dark green means she's angry. In between means that she is happy. She is somewhat strongly built. When she is fully filled out, she will have a little bit of muscle and will have a swift kill bite. She average size, so its easy for her to move around. She's always squeezing into some sort of mess. Her body's coloring, however, is not as average as her build. A beautiful dark tawny brown covers her coat. Overlapping with it would be a dark grey. These are like zig zags and they color her body from toes and up. They range from being large like on her stomach, to being small like her paws and her face. One of her ears has this grey color on it. She also has one small scar on her snout from a fight.


Fur Texture:
Soft and fluffy, yet coarse underneath

Rain Water


She's tough and strong. very kind but has a short temper. It's easy to make her made but in the end she will always stand up for the pack! She likes to run and hunt with her friends and alone. She loves to roll around and play, so she's still kinda like a pup. She runs and if she's bored she'll do a perimeter check. She most always wants to hang out with her friends and her new adoptive family.She'll do anything for her family, even if it means that it'll get her killed. The only thing for the others to remember is to not make her mad.
She's very agile and runs fast.
She can hunt just about anything.
She is very authoritative so that means you better do what she tells you to.
If she trusts you, she will talk to you about most everything
Not physically, but mentally, her mental makeup makes it to where she can bear the hardest things that would make other wolves break down crying to stress them out
Size matters right? Well Rain wasn't born into royal blood. Meaning she was to  be smaller than royal wolves if she was to become Alpha
She wasn't able to swim correctly so she had given up.
As an alpha, you keep many secrets. If you tell the pack the bad ones, they'll panic and then it's over.
Not very Trusting of other wolves...she will always be suspicious of you, no mater what.
She has anger issues and can get mad easily
She has many mood swings



When she was a small pup, humans came and killed her old pack. She and her younger brother were the only ones who survived. But while they were alone, a bear had came up and killed him. It attacked her and put scars on her but she survived. She was all alone and almost went insane. She barley got food and she was starving. She had been on the brink of death. She had lived a loner most of her life, until she meet her new pack and became the ruler of it.


Additional Information:
Secret Codes:
Im admin so nah!
Theme Song:
Far Away Staind
{Any other information you wish to put can be added here}
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