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Welcome to the Corazon! As of now we are welcoming any and all people/Rpers. Reopened on 10.9.15 we welcome anyone! Please, come and have a look around! Come one-come all!
Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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Alphess Lyli

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Alphess Lyli

Post by Rain on Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:40 pm




Gender: Female
Age: 3
Freedom Pack
Alphess (I'm an admin)



Appearance:   Deep brown pelt, mixes of red and black. She has light golden eyes and is overall beautiful. She is sure to capture a male's heart if not instantly over time.



Personality: She is strangely nice, fierce, and funny. She knows when to put people in their place, and when to break up a fight. Violence is the last thing on her list when it comes to a battle.
She is one to be friends with for sure in the long run.

Quick and light on her feet.

Sharp tongue
She will give ya a verbal smackdown...

Total softie with younger wolves.

Depending on her mood, she can either bore you to death, scare you to death, or simply make you want her to talk more! (lol xD)




Backstory: Born to two alphas herself, she lived the good life. Complications with her and the pack resulted in her running away, therefore, she met Rain, and they began the packs.
Kin: Unknown
Mate: None (looking!!!!!)
Offspring: None (wishing!!!!)


Additional Information: None
Secret Codes: Taking Away By Arrow~
Theme Song: Animals by Maroon 5
{Any other information you wish to put can be added here}

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Water Lvl 1 Beginner

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