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Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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The heart of a champion..::Nielle::..

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The heart of a champion..::Nielle::..

Post by Nielle on Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:37 pm




   Gender: Fae, Female, Vixen
   Age: 2 years 10 months
   Rank: Huntress




Nielle's pelt consist of a cream like color dashed through with brown and flecks of white, her eyes look to be made up of the moonlight itself they are a stunning silver with veins of pale blue running through them that can be most likened to cracks on a frozen pond.

   Personality: Nielle can be described as a quiet wolf but don't underestimate her, she has a fiery temper and loves revenge. Despite this she is still kind towards her packmates and those she trust she would do anything to keep them safe and happy. She is a good leader and has no problem speaking in front of large groups Nielle trust very few wolves even if she knows them well she still may not fully trust them.
Nielle is a gentle soul she loves nothing more than being around friends and family. She wouldn't hurt anything other than when shes hunting, she normally stays out of conflict and tries to stop fights before someone could get hurt.
   The fae has a heart of gold though she may not show it, seeing others happy means the world to her. If anyone was upset she would even push down her won feelings to brighten their day.
  Nielle's strongest belief is that bonds can be strained and torn but never fully broken, she will stick by her friends through thick and thin even if they don't want her too. She would try to at least build back the relationship if something mjor happened where both parties were hurt.
   Fiery temper
   Nielle has a short fuse she can be happy one minute but set her off and she can quickly turn into a cream colored ball of fury.
 This can cause problems between wolves some might think of this as rude or not trust her in return.
   She prefers to keep to herself confiding in few wolves, if she is upset or worried about something she would more than likely not tell anyone and it would be nearly impossible to tell unless you are close to her.



   Backstory: Nielle was raised in the Night River pack with her brother Cain. She was trained as a huntress at first but it soon became apparent that she was destined to lead. During her second winter her father made her delta of the pack. A few months after that she realized how cruel and selfish the pack was. Nielle left the pack later that year after her father died, her brother left for another land with a lovely fae named Selena. She later joined the Corazon pack where she currently resides.
Mate: None yet possibly in the future


   Additional Information:
   Secret Codes: Rain came in and shredded it
   Theme Song: Gone: Ioanna Gika


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Re: The heart of a champion..::Nielle::..

Post by Rain on Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:41 pm

You may now begin Role Playing

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