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An imperfect soul- Kasdeya- OMKnMB6
The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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An imperfect soul- Kasdeya-

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An imperfect soul- Kasdeya- Empty An imperfect soul- Kasdeya-

Post by Kasdeya on Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:06 pm


An imperfect soul- Kasdeya- Kasdey12


Name : Kasdeya
Name meaning : The name of the fifth Satan.
Name pronounciation : Cas-day-a
Nicknames : Kassy, Kas, Asdeya,
Age : 3 years of age
Gender : Female
Sexual Orientation : Bisexual
Rank : Member
Season of birth : Autumn
Scent : Autumn leaves, mostly



Most people expect to be trusted the week after they have become friends with Kasdeya, but that`s just not how things work out. Kasdeya is a very cautious wolf. It will take her time to gain someone`s trust according to problems having occured in the past. It might take a while for her to actually trust you, but if she does and you betraye her, things won`t end up to well.


Most people describe Kasdeya as being arrogant, which is totally true. If what you tell her doesn`t pleases her or if your attitude isn`t quite respectful either, Kasdeya won`t hesistate to be arrogant and rude towards you, it`s that simple. But on the other hand, if you`re very polite than so will Kasdeya as she wouldn`t have any reasons to be rude to you. Her attitude could also turn bad if she`s pissed off at someone or frustrated for some reasons, so don`t talk to her at the worng timings.


Kasdeya used to be one good liar, but soon she realized that was something very useless. She lied to try being perfect to people`s eyes, but Kasdeya realized this was very wrong. Kasdeya became someone somehow very honest and doesn`t tolerate lies anymore... Although many has lied to her Kasdeya remains honest to them, but doesn`t trust them anymore. Though if you`re slightly annoying or pissing her off, trust me, Kasdeya will point it out. She isn`t one that talks behind someone`s back, nope. Kasdeya will tell you the truth in front of you. If she can`t tell you anything, than that`s because it was a secret promise made and Kasdeya isn`t one to break those.

Mood Swings-

Kasdeya is kind off a bipolar wolf. She sometimes can be overjoyed, than suddenly she can end up depressed and sad. It`s that messed up. Her memories take surface which is the cause, though Kasdeya will refuse to admit it, so watch out on that.


Kasdeya isn`t one that goes on a rent about anything. Instead she keeps all inside herself. She`s afraid of opening up to someone and be judged. The young she wolf does despise wolves going on a rent, especially when it`s ridiculous things. She never is in the mood to deal with this kind of crap and if she does hear someone renting, you`ll most likely see her snap.


Yes, Kasdeya has many problems, one being anxiety. If Kasdeya cares for one, she`s afraid to loose this person. She needs to be constantly reminded that everything would be alright and that nothing would happen to them. She`s just so insecure about things basically.


It may not seem like it, but Kasdeya is someone who cares a lot. Not about many people but when she does, don`t try to take these people away from her, trust me you`ll pay for it. Kasdeya will most likely show a lot of affection to those she cares, but to the rest she will remain cold.


Related to her past, Kasdeya isn`t one that always smiles and can be very cheerful. She`s the opposite. Depressed and sad. Broken inside. She can`t help it. Kasdeya does forces herself a smile at times, to not let the others doubt though. You might noticed the young female being rather cold towards you. Don`t take this badly, it`s just the was Kasdeya is.


Unlike her siblings, Kasdeya shares both her parents characteristics equally. Having a thick coat, it`s composed of several colors such as : white, beige, light brown, dark brown, black and dark grey. Her small paws being a little furry unlike the rest of her body remain the color of dark brown. On Kasdeya`s muzzle it also remains the color dark brown, where small white dots are to be found as well. The young she wolf has white cheeks, white and beige underbelly and long fragile beige/white legs. Half of her tail is also beige and white, but it`s composed of dark colors as well. For the uper part of Kasdeya`s body, it`s darker colors such has black, dark grey and light and dark brown. A large scar is to be found behind her right ear, which was made when she was only a pup. During summer, Kasdeya`s pelt color seems dark than during winter for somee reasons. The she wolf has gorgeous bi colored eyes. One that remains a creamy light brown color, while the other is a pale light green.


Insect Phobia-

Since birth, Kasdeya never has been a fan of small creatures also known as insects. Although she does see some almost everyday, Kasdeya remains very cautious of them for some reasons. She has a phobia of those, like her mother, which is a bad heritage.


Ever since the day Kasdeya saw someone drowning, the fear of swimming has reached her. Each moment she manages to put a paw in the water, the memory of her dear friend drowning comes back to mind, which destroys Kasdeya inside somehow.


Kasdeya never has been such a great hunter. Not once has she even managed to chase something, instead she failed miserably each single time. Whether she made to much noise which the prey ran away, or she failed at jumping at it...or simply she didn`t run quick enough. It`s an awful heritage she has received from her father. Kasdeya`s mother did give her some hunting courses at some point, but it was simply a failed test, no matter how much her mother tried, nothing wroked out, but that`s probably because Kasdeya is stubborn and barely ever listens to others, her parents included.



At a young age, Kasdeya`s father tought her how to defend herself and fight. It wasn`t because she naturally enjoyed violence, but because they were living in a dangerous place, so training remain useful for attacks.


It may not seem like it, but Kasdeya is a very patient wolf. Always calmly await for another, without complaining alot, surprisingly. Though there are certain limits as well. Kasdeya wouldn`t wait for hours, but an appropriate amount of time.


This has always been one of Kasdeya`s strenght. Being a troublemaker. Ever since Kasdeya has been a small pup, she has always caused problems than would blame it on her siblings. Of course her parents found that adorable, but as she grew older, it became no fun. Her parents would often give her consequences, so Kasdeya isn`t much of a troublemaker anymore.


When it comes to being jealous, you can`t have worst than Kasdeya. She is one observant wolf. If she notice the slightliest difference, she will point it out and may end up making a big deal about it. Kasdeya is very jealou about almost everything, but most likely affection. She hates to see someone giving affection to an other while she gets nothing, it makes her feel jealous. Too jealous.


During a cold chilly night, multicolored leaves falling off tree branches, a dark brown pelted she wolf, gave birth to six pups in total, one being Kasdeya. Kasdeya was the last one born, meaning the youngest in the litter. Kai, her father and Calia, her mother were highly proud of their success, but the two were expecting no more than four pups so the thought of having two more was disturbing. The den wasn`t that big, and the two parents knew they wouldn`t all fit in it in the future, it was rather obvious. Trying to think positively at the moment, the two decided to name the pups. First one being born was Malik, looking exactly like his father. Second born was Angel, a white pelted she wolf, not looking like either of her parents, but more like her grandmother on her father`s side. The third born was Calem, who seemed to be his mother`s portray. The fourth one was Fang, who was also looking like his mother. The fifth one was Elia, looking like her grandfather on her mother`s side. The six one was obviously Kesdeya. It took the two a while before finding a reasonable name though, as they kind off ran out of ideas. Kasdeya remained the only one having both her parents characteristics mixed, yet she was the only one with bicolored eyes as well. The first few weeks of her lifetime, Kasdeya remained in the den, feeling the warmth of her mother, but as soon as she was able to explore, Kasdeya was the first to lay a paw out of the den. This world remaiend filled with undiscovered things, that needed to be discovered. At first glance, Kasdeya`s bi colored eyes grew large, filled with luminous joy. It was certainly her best day ever. As days went by, Kasdeya and Elia would explore the dangerous world together. The two were never seperatable. They enjoyed time together. While the two would explore, the others would remain in the den complaining about the cold. Kasdeya and Elia had to be very cautious alone, as their parents made it clear many dangerous predator could be hanging out there. Kasdeya had a bad influence over Elia, she is one who causes so much trouble, and one day things went a little to far. On a chilly morning, during Spring, Kasdeya and Elia nuzzled their parents before running off into the woods to play. « I love you! » Elia had exclaimed before following Kasdeya out. What Calia and Kai didn`t know was that it was the last time they would see Elia alive. The last time they would see her bright green eyes. The last time they would hear her soft voice. Kasdeya and Elia ran together, the cold wind brushing against their colored pelt. The air filled with their laughter as they ran. They stopped once they reached a river. The two pups sat down taking deep breathes. « Do you think we will be together forever? » Kasdeya questioned, raising an eyebrow at Elia. It was a very serious subject, and for some reasons Kasdeya was starting to be worried about the future. Elia laughed. « Well, of course. I`d never leave my little sister alone. » She said nudging Kasdeya playfully. Kasdeya grinned and glanced at the river. She was obviously bored, maybe they should do a challenge? « Hey! How about we see who can go the furthest in the water! » Kasdeya called out and reached to go in the water quickly. That was the time where Kasdeya feared nothing. She was brave, and was filled with strenght. Elia followed behind, and soon manged getting further into the water than Kasdeya. The water was frozen, which made Kasdeya advance slowly. But Elia didn`t mind the cold, she wanted to win, that all that mattered. Has she continued to advance quickly, Elia ended up slipping on a rock and fell deeper into the water. This was too deep for her, she didn`t know how to swim either which complicated things. And last of all the current was too strong. Elia tried staying on the surface, but it was just impossible. For the first time Kasdeya watched with horror. She was scared. Unsure of what to do Kasdeya ran out of the water and ran into the woods back to the den. Calling on her parents, Kasdeya prayed for them to hurry up. Kai headed and ran to the river with Kasdeya, while her mom remained in the den with the other pups awaiting impatiently for news. Fear as what Kasdeya felt. Why did she have to throw a stupid challenge! It was stupid of her, very. As Kasdeya and Kai made it to the river, no one was in view. Kasdeya glanced around searching for Elia to araise, but nothing. No sign of life was given. Kai glanced at the ground, trying to hold his tears. He was obviously being very emotional, he had lost his first daughter. While Kasdeya glanced at the water, tears rolling down her cheeks. Elia had said she`d stay with her forever. She lied. Elia was gone now, all because of Kasdeya. It took the two a while before finally heading home. Silent filled the air as they made their way back, only footsteps being heard. Entering the den was a real pain to Kasdeya, everyone knew she was responsible, it was rather obvious. Head down, Kasdeya entered, sitting in a corner alone. She could hear crying, but that was normal. As days past by, seasons changing, the happy family seemed to be rather depressed thses days. More deaths occurring. Malik who was the oldest of all, ended up dying, suffering from some disease and each time his death would be brought up, Fang would claim that she should have been the one suffering, not him. Kasdeya knew deep inside he was right, but what Fang didn`t get is she was already in so much pain herself. Kasdeya became distant towards her family. She felt hatred, which wasn`t so pleasant. Her parents weren`t being as affectionate as they used to be, and her mother became depressed. Angel, her only sister left died of herb poisoning. Kasdeya was now all alone left with Calem, Fang and her parents. They were now a small family. Calem who was always so energetic and filled with humour, became someone different. He was now always so rude and arrogant, ever since Malik`s death. Calem admired his older brother, but he was dead now, so things became painful for Calem. He was suffering. Kasdeya was suffering too, all her family was. One rainy morning, everyone awoke, finding Calia had gone missing. It wasn`t something Calia had ever done. Leave the den, it was very rare for her to do so, and usually she warns us. Kai ordered for the now yearlings to stay in the den as he left searching for her. Only a few hours did he come back, frustration and sadness shown on his face. Kasdeya knew. She was dead. This time, no tears rolled down her face. Feelings had dissapeared now. She was broken. She was wounded inside. She was becoming cold as ice. The next day, the last death in the family occured. Calem. He couldn`t hold any longer. This wasn`t the kind of life he wanted. Not what he deserved either. Calem was the most observat of all pups, yet the smartest. He had a bright future ahead of him, unlike many of his siblings. Kai became someone very agressive. He no longer was capable of supporting Kasdeya neither did Fang. The two males would team up to curse Kasdeya out, not missing one day to remind her of all the crap she had done. Something that she will never forget herself. It was already painful enough, yet these two had to make things worst. Kasdeya realized that what she had wasn`t a life anymore. It was a nightmare...and she needed to get herself out of it quickly. Thinking each night in the corner of the den, Kasdeya would try planning to run away. As days gone by and Kasdeya finally reached the age of two years old, she asked her father if she could go on a hunt. Obviously he didn`t say a word not caring about her anymore as it seemed. The last time Kasdeya had gone hunting, it was with her mother, but things never turned out too well. Kasdeya would often make too much noise. She would constantly failed which would piss her mom off. Kasdeya ran out of the den, but stopped taking one close look back. Her bi colored eyes laid on her father and Fang. The two who were left in her family, yet she was abandoning them...what kind of loyalty did she had towards them...obviously none. « Sorry. » She muttered under her breath and she ran quickly. Not to go on a hunt, but to actually run away. As days went by, Kasdeya ran, walk and slept. Tried to hunt than continue her way again. That`s how it went. Her father didn`t seem to be searching for her, which dissapointed her...but maybe he does believe she`s dead...and if that`s the case it`s better off this way. Maybe her past should just be a faded memory. This was going to be her secret...a secret that must not be told to anyone. Has who says these wolves would still want to stay by Kasdeya if they learn how badluck she is? No one. That night, Kasdeya crossed a new border. A border where wolves were to be found, a new place that she might end up calling home, if she ever manages too. What if things end up chaotic there too...and what if the second chance she`s given...she screws up...will she ever forgive herself for all this? And will Kasdeya ever allow herself to destroy other wolves. Probably not.


Mother :
Father : Kai
Brothers : Fang, Malik(Deceased) and Calem(Suicide)
Sisters : Angel(Deceased), Elia(Alive, but Kasdeya thinks she`s dead.)


Kasdeya doesn`t have any time for someone in her lfie, she`s already busy enough on her own, so finding time for someone would be rather complicated.


Kasdeya has never fallen in love, and certainly isn`t ready too. Ending up having a broken heart isn`t worth it.

Note: I`d like to join the Corazon pack please.

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An imperfect soul- Kasdeya- Empty Re: An imperfect soul- Kasdeya-

Post by Rain on Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:09 pm

You may now begin RolePlaying

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An imperfect soul- Kasdeya- Empty Re: An imperfect soul- Kasdeya-

Post by Arrow on Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:55 pm

Wow Kasdeya! Great Job with the bio!! Very Happy

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An imperfect soul- Kasdeya- Empty Re: An imperfect soul- Kasdeya-

Post by Kasdeya on Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:55 pm

Thanks! :3

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An imperfect soul- Kasdeya- Empty Re: An imperfect soul- Kasdeya-

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