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Welcome to the Corazon! As of now we are welcoming any and all people/Rpers. Reopened on 10.9.15 we welcome anyone! Please, come and have a look around! Come one-come all!
Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

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The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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⊰ TIBERIUS : Patience is Key ⊱  Empty ⊰ TIBERIUS : Patience is Key ⊱

Post by Tiberius on Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:01 pm



⊰ TIBERIUS : Patience is Key ⊱  Gray-w10

⊰ The Basics ⊱

Male ♂

5 years

Canis Lupus

Night River

Earth Elementor

⊰ TIBERIUS : Patience is Key ⊱  Boop11


⊰ The Physical ⊱

Tiberius is a large, big-boned wolf with a factor of intimidation. What he lacks in speed and agility, Tiberius makes up for in strength and durability. His thick and hard pelt consists of a thick base layer of silvers, browns, and grays, while his follicles are tipped in black. This is most noticeable along his back, shoulders, and tail tip. There are little individual markings that appear on this wolf, but Tiberius does have a a neck of white. One would think his muzzle is also decorated, but the white that shows is merely from age, and not from birth. In the spring and summer, his pelt appears to be more brown.

Dark Amber

Fur Texture
Course and rough to the touch

Cold earth and stone


⊰ TIBERIUS : Patience is Key ⊱  51b41e11


⊰ The Mental ⊱


Respect- You would think a wolf from Night River would not value respect, right? Wrong! Tiberius is a wolf who deeply values this trait. Respect him, and he'll respect you. It does not matter what pack you are from. If you don't respect him or others...well...old Tib will teach you it the hard way. With THORNS up yo BUTT.

Stability- In order for a pack or wolf to thrive, they must be balanced, whole, and independent. Stability is the foundation, and is probably the most valued trait that Tiberius holds. He knows the pain of being out of control and having no purpose, and after learning about stability, he held onto it with great dedication. Tiberius will pity anyone who acts out of control. Since many Night River wolves suffer from imbalance, he does attempt to help whenever possible. Unfortunately, many wolves are beyond saving...

Patience: The hardest  thing Tiberius had to do was learn patience. Long ago, it was his rash and arrogant nature that led to his failures. Tiberius is one of the hardest wolf to crack due to his meditation, but that doesn't mean all of his old ways were abandoned. On very rare occasions, his patience does and will slip on any unfortunate wolf.

Stubborn- It is a bad choice to challenge this wolf to a game or fight, as Tiberius is a wolf ho doe or tolerate failure or weakness. He sometimes pushes himself too hard due his stubbornness, or refuses to admit that he is wrong.

Prideful- Pack rivalries don't affect him as much as others. Being an elemental makes you sorta...detached to normal pack life. Even so, Night River will always be his home, and he will always support it. Tiberius is also quite prideful of himself, making this wolf a bit of a narcissist. Status-oriented, Tiberius will patronize lower ranking wolves, and view himself as one of the most powerful due his elemental gifts.

Introverted- Tiberius is not a loner, but he does enjoy the peacefulness of silence. He is a bit aloof when it comes to social relationships due to his two years of being a rouge. Empathy, compassion, and friendship is not always easy.

Organized: Along with mental and physical stability, Tiberius loathes chaos and will forever be trying to improve the way of living for Night River. He can get fairly annoyed by the packs disorderly ways.

Wise- Tiberius has seen a lot of places, and a lot of different views on life. Whatever dram takes place in the three packs does not matter too much to him anymore. He has grown used to the fighting.

Grumpy- You gotta remember that Tib is getting on the old side. His joints are starting to ache and moving around is getting harder to do, of course he can be a bit snappy! xD


Stamina- With a deep chest and wide lungs, Tiberius can travel great distances.

Durability- His harsh fur and large muscles makes this wolf a tough one to bring down.

Patience- Tiberius is not a wolf who rushes into things or lets his temper get the best of him. He is more than willing to wait for an opportunity to present itself.

Orderly- Unlike many of the Night River wolves, Tiberius values rules, regulation, and order. For this reason, he does very well at organizing.


Speed- Tiberius is slow. Agile wolves really piss him off.

Agility- Along with speed, Tiberius is not too good at jumping and maneuvering.

Age- The effects of old age are starting to appear and slow this wolf down. He is also getting more grumpy...

Stubbornness/Pride- Tiberius is a wolf who hates to lose, and a wolf who hates to admit that he is in the wrong. Even if the Elementor knows that he is incorrect, his own feelings may get in the way and cloud his judgment.

Respect, Teaching, Thinking, Knowing the future

Change, Loud Noise, Discord, Idiots


⊰ TIBERIUS : Patience is Key ⊱  10_by_10


⊰ The Unseen ⊱

Tiberius was born into Night River along with two other siblings. He was the largest of of litter, and certainly had the strength to get the most "benefits". His early days were much different than today. Tiberius was a short-tempered little butt, and was most upset when things didn't go his way. Competitiveness, impatience, and arrogance were the traits that made up this spoiled poop bum. But come on, could you blame him? Night River didn't exactly have the friendliest wolves around... It was easy to see how he picked up the traits. Growing older, Tiberius was still aggressive when he became a trainee. In fact, Tiberius had his own goal of proving just how strong he was. Everyone in the three packs knew just how difficult training is for Elementors, but little Tib founds this nothing more than a challenge for him to dominate. How hard could it be? he thought. I'm the strongest wolf there is. Ha, keep thinking that little Tibby! Tiberius was big and strong, but he lacked rationality and patience. He barged in fights without thinking. He got things done in the quickest and easiest way possible. He didn't bother learning about respect. This proved to be the reason for his eventual failure... Immature Tiberius never successfully passed any tests. I'm sure you could understand just how broken he was after that. Ashamed and broken of dignity, he left Night River to become a dispersal wolf. He was one and half years old. As a rouge, Tiberius wandered the lands with no purpose. He picked fights with whoever crossed his path, and didn't care so much for "boundries". He was a common outlaw... Shunned, feared, and wanted for dead. Tiberius was a notorious rouge that was well known by many. He even had a bounty on his head! Ah, those were good times.~ But...things began to fell different after a while. What am I doing? What was the point of all of this? Am I even still angry? The three year old Tiberius began to ask himself these questions, and slowly but surely, the big bad Tibby wolf began to rethink his life. He begun to truly look at his surroundings. He observed the birds and rodents, and the fauna and insects. All of these beings are trying the best the can to make the most out of life, he thought. They don't let hardship deter them.. because all they want is to survive.
He turned to the trees and plants. Silent and rooted in the soil. Isn't is amazing how they grow from a tiny seed? Or how it takes decades or even centuries for a tree to reach adulthood? They go through countless winters without the luxury of a den or roof, and chase after the sun with such slow but graceful dedication...turning their leaves and opening their buds. What patient and determined little beings, he thought.
He turned to the animals. Rabbits, birds, and even insects. They try to do their best, don't they? Unlike he, the prey he hunts don't care about the mistakes they made, for feeling bitter deters them from themselves. Food, shelter, reproduction-- these are the only things that matters to them, isn't it? How simple, he thought. Keeping the mind free from anger and regret, to stay rational.
He looked down to the soil and stone. A dead part of the earth, yet it supports all life... We tread all over it, forgetting to thank it for its support, he thought. Without the soil there would be no life. The soil holds them. It is the foundation of everything. Stability... that sounds really nice, he thought...
Tiberius at this point was emerging himself in the lesson the land has given him, and soon a new wolf emerged. The old Tiberius was gone, and a new one emerged. He traveled back to Night River at 4 years of age. He was ready to move on. After earning the trust of his old pack mates, Tiberius went on to complete his training, and took up Earth to continue learning about this quiet yet wise element.

One brother and one sister. Both left Night River at around 1-2 years of age to become dispersal wolves. Tiberius and his siblings all live separate lives.

None; He never really got the chance too.



Secret Code  
~Taken by Rain


Character Inspiration
Tiberius' name was based off of a Great Dane at the Doggy Daycare I work at in real life, not from the roman emperor. If you could guess, his large size was also based off the idea of the large dog breed! His personality is based off of how I personally view most astrological earth signs. As an Earth sign myself, I wanted to share my respect for this wonderful element.

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Post by Rain on Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:24 pm

Accepted! Nice bio by the way

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Post by Tiberius on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:19 pm

Thanks, Rain.~ I finally finished the personality section, so you may move his bio whenever you can.

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Post by Shard on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:22 pm

IF you would like I could move it for you.

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