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Welcome to the Corazon! As of now we are welcoming any and all people/Rpers. Reopened on 10.9.15 we welcome anyone! Please, come and have a look around! Come one-come all!
Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

The Phoenix Rises .:. Seraphina OMKnMB6
The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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The Phoenix Rises .:. Seraphina

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The Phoenix Rises .:. Seraphina Empty The Phoenix Rises .:. Seraphina

Post by Seraphina on Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:59 pm



   The Phoenix Rises .:. Seraphina Seraph10


   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 Years Old
   Lead Guardian (Fire)


Seraphina is a classic African Wild Dog, large bat-like ears, long legs and a beautiful painted pattern. She is not very large for the species, 60cm/24in and 20kg/40lbs. Being smaller, she is faster which is good for her considering she is more likely to run from a fight then stay and battle. Her chest and front legs are scarred by old, pink burns with a light fuzz growing over them. The worst burn is on the top of her right paw and is still bright red and quite noticeable. She sometimes limps, favoring this paw, it is especially sore after a running or working with fire for a long period of time.
Seraphina's eyes are chocolate brown, they are warm when she is happy but can become teary if she is overwhelmed.
Fur Texture:
Her fur is soft where she is not burned, but the places that she is burned, there is either a light fuzz or no fur at all.
Seraphina smells like smoke most of the time, but if she hasn't worked with fire in a while, then she smells like pine trees.


Seraphina is often nervous and scared, but if a person of authority asks her to do something, she will not refuse. She enjoys having friends, but can sometimes lean too hard on others and be pushed away because she is needy. This has caused her to be afraid of close relationships, but will still try and form them even if they hurt her. Seraphina's emotions change with the atmosphere around her, if the canids around her are sad, she will become sad. Because it affects her so readily, she will try and calm a situation down or comfort another. Although she is a gifted Fire Elementor, she has little confidence and believes she isn't worthy of the position in her pack. She is has a fear that she will hurt someone in her pack with her fire and so she only practices in private and away from the well used pack trails.
   She is strongly affected by others and cares strongly for other wolves. If someone seems upset, even someone she doesn't like, she will try and help them.
   Seraphina is a gifted with fire and, if focused, she can make it do nearly anything she pleases.
   She will do anything for the ones she loves, even hurting others. If told to do something she doesn't feel right about, she will resist but will do it if coaxed or yelled at.
   She will try to keep a fight from happening by attempting to calm down a situation.
   This Wild Dog has little confidence and though she is talented, it is difficult to get her to show others her powers because she is afraid they will laugh.
   Seraphina is on the smaller side and runs rather then fighting back, it is only when wolves threaten her pack will she use her fire and fight back.
   She is frightened of many things, the most being that others will laugh at her and hate her.


Seraphina was the middle pup of a litter of five, she wasn't ignored, but she also wasn't given as much attention as if her litter had been smaller. Her father was an Elementor and was very pleased to see that two of his pups were prodigies. Seraphina and her sister, Lily, were both very talented, one in fire and one in water. He trained them, pushing them very hard and often having them spar against each other. Seraphina liked her father, but her sister Lily was very competitive and made Seraphina feel bad about herself every time she lost. When Seraphina was about two years old, a new pack moved into their valley and began a war with her pack. Her father enlisted his two daughters and they fought bravely, but during one of the disputes, one of Seraphina's fire bolts went off course and hit a dying tree which immediately caught fire. It quickly went out of control and many of the wolves on both sides suffered burns, their lives only saved by Lily who used the water deep in the ground to put out the fire and cure the burns of both packs. The packs ended up joining together because of this act of kindness, but Seraphina was not involved in this merge. Her father was disappointed in her and her sister ground it into her that she wasn't fit to be an Elementor. Fearing that everyone hated her and thinking no one wanted her there, she ran from her home pack and eventually found Freedom. She has trained hard and is even better then before, but her mental state is still fragile and the only time she feels in control is when she is working with the flames.
   Kin: Dove (Mother), Wren (Father), Daffodil (Oldest Sister), Lily (Second Oldest Sister), Henry (Younger Brother), Anna (Youngest Sister)
   Mate: None
   Offspring: None


   Additional Information:
   Secret Codes: These codes were eaten... ~Anoki
   Theme Song:
   I will have one...

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The Phoenix Rises .:. Seraphina Empty Re: The Phoenix Rises .:. Seraphina

Post by Anoki on Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:36 pm


You may now rp in the forums!!

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