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Welcome to the Corazon! As of now we are welcoming any and all people/Rpers. Reopened on 10.9.15 we welcome anyone! Please, come and have a look around! Come one-come all!
Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

When The World Stops Turning OMKnMB6
The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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When The World Stops Turning

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When The World Stops Turning Empty When The World Stops Turning

Post by Rain on Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:42 pm


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It is in my nature to be kind, loving and gentle

4 years | Female | Mackenzie Valley Wolf | Corazon Alphess | Leadership
Raised by an alpha, this girl was born to lead. Her father having a short temper from which got handed down to her, she can easily be made mad. One small move and she could be hell on paws. However, she has her mothers kindness. She takes pity on the one's whom can't care for their selves therefore, she takes them under her paw. She believes in loyalty most of all however. Loyal, kind and benevolent, this makes her a great leader. Along with her mentality strength, speech-making skills, and her ease with admitting dominance. At times, when she's the most comfortable, she can act like a total pup. However, don't let this facade fool  you. Any moment that you make the wrong move or treat a member with disrespect or treat her wrong, she will be quick to administrate justice/punishment. Her small form and agility allows her to be the great hunter that she was raised to be. That also applies to fighting too. However, she has forever been traumatized. Seeing her parents murdered before her eyes, anything that relates to this can cause her to stop everything and shut down. So you have to be real careful when this happens.
However, when it comes to protecting my friends,

Friends | Pack Allies | Trainee's | Partners (Fighting) | Family
These are things that not only Rain would like to have/see, they are also things that I would love to see her develop over time. If you wanna add in anything or make a plot, just PM me! I'm sure I won't mind and neither would Rain!
Friends: Rain isn't a very trusting gal. She always thinks of the worst things of someone before they reveal their selves to her. If you manage to be close enough to her...well that's an award all by itself. These are the people/wolves that she is most always comfortable and herself with. You can usually notice her acting like an idiot when she is around these few.
Pack Allies: These are always open to her! She believes that Corazon will win the war, however having a little bit of help wouldn't hurt. If you've proven yourself to her and aren't in the rivaling pack, then you are automatically put into this category. Usually if she needs you to do some spying, she'll ask you to.
Trainee: Basically someone who she can make into a mini her. So far Marshmallow is her adoptive daughter and she is training her, but Marsh is to be her heir. She wants someone who she can make into a mini her. Someone who she can always trust to have the same views as her. (Not like brainwash them or anything. Just...train them in her views.)
Partner: Who wouldn't want a partner? Someone who she could trust with her life. Like quite literally. Someone to have her back on fights and her theirs. They could be like so close, nothing could break them apart. Almost like a sibling bond, just closer. It would be someone that she trust enough to poor her heart out to. Someone she trusted to go to with any and all problems and help she may or may not need.

Family: Every female wants a family eventually. It's just a maternal thing. And Rain is no exception even if she is a leader. Right now she has no time for a family (at least, so she thinks) with the war going on and what not. But she would like to have one someday. Something to say that was her flesh and blood.
Family and Heart

|Enemies? Maybe|
Night River | Idiots | Humans | Unfaithfulness (loyalty falls under this)
She may want tons of things that would be likely to happen....Hating would probably be on the top of the list for many things. It's hard to get on her good side, however easier to make her hate you. One tiny misstep and it could be the end of the two's friendship or whatever it is you have with her. Some of these are more dislikes than enemies. (Actually only Idiots is)
Night River: You think the two of them would be besties? Ha, that amuses her that you even think that. She hates them...with a strong and hard passion. Evil and good doesn't mix very good like baking soda and vinegar. You put the two in a room together and its gonna explode. Best of luck to those who think the two would mingle together.
Idiots: Seriously people? Will be the first thing she thinks when someone does the most idiotic thing ever. All it's going to do is get you killed. She can't stand it and she will do her best to flip the idiotic ways to more...mature ways. When your stupid and in her pack...you more than likely wouldn't live longer than 5 minutes in the same room as her, or out on the battlefield with Night River and her.
Humans: The very creature that killed her parents. These things are the ones that she will get off her lands as soon as she learns of them. they have guns and whatnot? She's fast and she knows the terrain better than them. It is her own personal dutiful law to get rid of them in fear that they will do to her pack when they had done to her families.
Unfaithfulness: Something she cannot stand. If your unfaithful, and this applies to loyalty, you automatically become an enemy to her. She hates it when she give you her trust and you just crumple it up and hand it back to her. Like seriously? Why would you even bother getting to know her and making her trust you when your just going to hand it back to her?
Do Not Trifle With Me.

|Something More?|
Crushes | Mates
Like any other sane living being, she wants love someday. She doesn't really think of it at the moment because of all the things that she has to do, but she thinks of it time to time. She believes that it should be something to be taken seriously. If your just going to flirt and then one night stand her...well she won't quite enjoy that. Seeing as she's the alpha too you'd probably hear something about it from her. But she wants pups and a family someday. Someday in the near future or someday in the far out future.
Crushes: Not easily obtainable, but when it is, it more than likely means that your the one. It usually takes time and a lot of trust built up for this one small simple thing.
Mates: If/when she gets one, she wants it to be lifelong. She wants to be able to depend on this someone. Someone whom she could trust to help her when she needs it and to rule when she has pups. She would protect this person with a passion.
For I am also the most powerful


Current: Cliffside Entrance
Let The training Commence

Past: Who's Afraid of the big bad wolf?
A Frolic in the Field
Border Patrol
A Walk Among Memories
New Arrivals
Fate Is In The Hands Of The Beholder
As It goes [Pack Meeting]

And relentless creature you will know

Increased Sensory| Feather
Increased Sensory: This allows Rain to smell, hear, taste, see, and feel things that go much farther out than the average wolf. That means that however far out the average wolf can smell/hear, Rain can smell/hear 2x better.
Feather: Said feather hands from her ear, going back towards the next. It is an emerald green, the same shade as her eyes. It has a silver strip in the middle and the tip of it for about an inch is black.
Steel Armor: This armor covers over her whole body. It goes over her chest, her back and a tiny bit at the top of her tail. The armor has small swirls that are all over the entire set.
Flower: The flower is a pretty rose that sets at the top of her ear.
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Water Lvl 1 Beginner

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