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Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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You shouldn't be whispering secrets to flowers - Violet (Complete)

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You shouldn't be whispering secrets to flowers - Violet (Complete)

Post by Violet on Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:11 am





   Gender: Female
   Age: 2 and a half
   Allegiance: Freedom
   Rank: Warrior (Spy)




   Appearance: Violet has a mottled coat consisting of sevaral colours, as though someone decided to adorn her form with splotches of natural tones. The most noticeable hues are white, fawn, toffee, chestnut for her undercoat and black or a dark slate for her guard hairs. Her face is finely boned and quite nice to look at, causing more than one male to turn his head and inspect her a little more thoroughly. This fair female is 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs just shy of 100 pounds, well within the range for red wolves. Her tail is surprisingly short though Violet doesn't think much of it as she still keeps her balance despite the lack of length.

Optics: Her eyes are rimmed with black, making her golden brown orbs appear lighter than they actually are. Streaks of orange and yellow draw others into the expressive windows to her soul.

Fur Texture: Her fur is short but because of the double coat she is kept warm even in the harshest of winters. It is not coarse, yet neither is it as soft as silk. The texture is often compated to dandelion fuzz, soft looking, but not as soft as it appears. She does not preen herself like a bird, merely keeping herself as respectable in appearance as possible.

Scent: Violet's scent is that of the last mists of winter, blowing over a patch of wild mint among some flowers.


   Though mildly friendly and polite, Violet is more likely to observe the body language of others and the nature of their conversation before interrupting. She can tell when to put her own opinion forward and when to just let the words flow over her. Most find her unusual for observing other, but the more she observes, the more information she can gather and store in that brain box of hers.

   Calm in the face of danger
Violet is known for being stoic among strangers or whilst on a job, her eyes are known to deliberately lose their spark. She often looks a few years older when she does this. However when not on a reconnaissance mission, she relaxes among the other pack members, laughing and smiling.

Violet hunts and collects secrets for a living, naturally she is very loyal to her pack. Surprising for a spy, but it was the way she was raised. She will protect her pack and help her fellows until her dying breath. After all....she is indeed more than a pretty face.    

   Closet romantic
   This may be incredibly surprising to any but her closest friends...but Violet is a closet romantic. She secretly wishes for a male to approach her for who she is, rather than what information she has gathered. She can sometimes be seen either daydreaming or reminiscing...it can be hard to tell sometimes. However she can be attacked if too deep in her thoughts.

   Suspicious of others
   As a spy, Violet has learned over her years to be suspicious of those who deliberately approach her under the guise of friendship....only to try and garner information from her. This has led her to not talk about or disclose her job for a long time, causing many  wolf to forget what she does. It is easier that way, she can still have friends and not ruin or complicate a mission.
Rough diamond
   Though outwardly polite and calm, if the right buttons are pushed she can fly into a rage and do a lot of damage to everything in her path until she cools off. Other times she can come off as cold if she is focused on completing a task whilst someone speaks to her. She is still growing emotionally, she will learn how to control herself better in time.



Violet was born to a pair of warriors and raised to assume that not everything was as it appeared. Her father taught her how to stealthily observe others and report back on their conversations from a young age. She learned how to fight and hunt from her mother, pack etiquette coming into play when she was old enough to comprehend it. She gave respect to all, being kind where needed and listening when ears more than maws were necessary.

Her father was revealed to be a spy in a spectacular display by her own mother, causing his disappearance late one night. For this reason, Violet and her mother are estranged. Violet's mother had made a choice between the life of her mate, or the life of her only daughter. Violet had chosen to follow in her father's footsteps in hopes of finding out what became of the smiling parent she knew.

   Kin: Ezra (father, missing) and Petra (mother, estranged)
   Mate:None (But holds out hope)
   Offspring:None at present (But wishes)


   Additional Information:
   Secret Codes: Was gobbled up by Rain~
   Theme Song:


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Re: You shouldn't be whispering secrets to flowers - Violet (Complete)

Post by Rain on Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:09 pm


Welcome to the family Raye!!!...first you need to change your name from Raye or make a new account for Violet!

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