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Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

[ achilles ] - wip OMKnMB6
The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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[ achilles ] - wip

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[ achilles ] - wip Empty [ achilles ] - wip

Post by Achilles on Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:01 pm

- • - H E A L E R • A C H I L L E S - • -

[ achilles ] - wip 2ni7cic

anything you guys come up with!
cis male
2 years, 5 months
night river
healer [applying for it, someone has to fill the role]
sexual orientation

achilles' coarse, thick fur possess pale earthy tones more visible on his lower pelt. peppery gray markings swathe his shoulders and turn a lot more to a bold ebony at his flanks and back. his stomach is rounded with a red-brown color and his lower body is a pale cream color - which is visible on most of his face. his the bridge of his muzzle is a light brown color and his forehead is a gray color. his round ears are a light ginger color and his eyes are wide and a dark emerald color.
small pet (raven) - achilles is friends with a raven named jaspell. the raven is a strange one, with a white 'v' on his chest and beady blue eyes. jaspell has a glossy jet black plumage and often follows achilles around, sharing any food the male finds.
extrasensory - the male possesses the rare ability of extrasensory.
fur texture
his fur is rough and coarse, specifically more so on the upper pelt. the fur on his belly is much softer.
achilles has a scent strongly of pungent amber.
strengths && weaknesses
healing. while in the night river pack, achilles was trained in the arts of healing. he knows herb from herb and can heal about a wide range of wounds.
can't swim (kinda). achilles can swim. just barely. while in night river, secret attempted to train him to swim. he failed, nearly drowning himself.
small size. achilles, unlike his brother apollo, failed to inherit the trait of increased size from his father. because of this he took on the smaller size of his mother and sister and was often made fun of because of this. but the male doesn't really mind because with size comes speed and he believes he is an intelligent wolf as it is.
extrasensory. the male spent a lot of his loner days tracking and mock-hunting (as he had no idea how to actually hunt). it turns out, with his small size he received one blessing: extrasensory. his nose, ears, and eyes can drink in the world around him with a little more light, unlike most wolves.

[ achilles ] - wip W9ea8x

write it out gdi
sensible wolves
his raven
hunting large game with his pack
rainy days
foolish wolves
wolves who show disdain for his skills
absolute silence

two years ago, a pack in a northernmost territory was blessed with the arrival of a healthy litter of pups, born to the alpha pair. coeus and bella were the names of the proud parents and the news of the strong litter of pups quickly spread throughout the region. the pups were considered a gift upon the pack, an omen of good hunts to come and bright days to follow. apollo, aleera, and achilles were the names given to the three pups and they spent the first week of their life in the warm den with their mother.

upon weaning, apollo became the most adventurous pup of the litter, with aleera being his partner in crime. being the quiet one, achilles was often left out in most of the games, but he didn't mind really. the company of his mother had been enough to keep him content and happy. he had followed her like a shadow for the first months of his life, ignoring the various requests to wrestle from his siblings and spending most of his time with bella. like any responsible parent, she did try to push him away, to urge him to play with his siblings and explore the world around him. but achilles had refused to oblige.

being the alpha of the pack, coeus looked down upon his son's dependent ways. he brandished him as a stranger, and often ignored achilles. but the young pup did not mind, as he did not mind his sibling's abandonment of him. at such a young age, achilles had resolved he only needed his mother.

and what a foolish resolve that had been, for when her milk began to dry out, she forced him away completely. coeus and bella often whispered about their dependent pup, and while the male showed clear bitterness over their son's nature, bella showed remorse. in the end, however, she had to push him away. bella was not an idiot, she knew that her son had to learn the true nature of a wolf soon enough. but while she was trying to teach the young pup a lesson, achilles saw it as abandonment and grew quiet. the pup became an outcast to his family and decided then that he did not need them. perhaps it was the bitterness in his heart or the sign of a distant raven that convinced him that he was better off alone. whatever it was, it convinced him successfully.

at night achilles left his pack's territory at the ripe age of 10 months. he traveled far from the territory, accompanied by a raven named jaspell. the two had met while they scavenged at a carcass a few yards from the borders of his original pack. they then made truce and agreed that achilles could hunt food and jaspell could warn him for danger. the pup traveled for a long while, his heart emptying week by week as he realized what a mistake he had made, leaving his pack. the male survived off of dead carcasses jaspell often scouted but went hungry most of the time. despite the many lessons jaspell attempted to give achilles on hunting, it was simply impossible for a raven to teach a wolf how to hunt. many loners attempted to attack him and other packs drove him from their territory with undisguised hostility. once, he got into a fight with another loner and nearly bled out from his wounds. if it hadn't been for one pack, however.

they were called the night river. while it would seem unlikely such a cruel pack would help the pup of now one year and two months, a drifting healer did and took him in. the kind fae assessed his wounds and protected him from the glares of hostile pack members of night river members. achilles was scared for his life during those months of healing. many a times the male wondered how the kind she-wolf, now known to go by 'secret', maintained such a position of respect within the horrid pack. but he figured her kindness affected everyone, and if not that, they were too scared of her to snarl at her. she practically had their lives in her hands after all.

after two months of rejuvenating, achilles had discovered he had picked up on the skills secret used to heal others while in her den. his interest piqued in these skills and he found himself performing them himself while secret was gone. one day, achilles figured it was time to leave but was confronted by the fae and her alpha. the two offered him a position in the pack, and while the alpha wasn't particularly friendly about the invitation (in fact most of the words came out as grumbles and growls), he accepted. achilles wasn't particularly thrilled about joining the chaotic evil pack but he figured this was the only chance he got. the male accepted and began training under secret.

for the next year of his life, achilles was taught under the guidance of secret. he was taught not only how to heal others but how to hunt and fight as well by some generous (but rude) warriors. it took him much time but he finally got the hang of defending himself against threats and hunting food for the pack and his own. it even took him a while to memorize basic herbs and what they are good for. eventually achilles got it and secret spent a lot more time in the den, sending him out to many basic jobs.

after a while the brute of then one year and eleven months realized that the pack meant more to him than his own family had. they even taught him much more. upon realizing this, he grew a lot more independent and strong. achilles grew to be a determined young wolf, the perfect replacement of secret. and the silver she-wolf had thought this from the beginning and made him promise to serve the pack under the rank of healer on her death. his mentor and closest friend died on a stormy night from a cancer she had been hiding for months, apparently. though devastated, achilles served his pack well, despite the foul treatment he sometimes received.

achilles remains in the pack of night river today.

coeus [father]
bella [mother]
apollo [brother]
aleera [sister]

A D D I T I O N A L    I  N F O R M A T I O N
secret code
speech color
green – claimed by achilles
theme song(s)
amsterdam - imagine dragons
other character(s)


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[ achilles ] - wip Empty Re: [ achilles ] - wip

Post by Rain on Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:07 pm

Well the bio looks complete even tho the title says W.I.P buttt


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