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Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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Dance in the Rain

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Dance in the Rain

Post by Lyli on Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:40 pm

Lyli was angered. If anything, the pup Riot only made that worse. She wanted her beta to come and assure her that Night River wasn't going to win, that everything is going to be okay. She was stressed, terrified. Everything wasn't going to be okay... it was falling apart. She wanted to claw her self open, to die right then and there. She laid down as the rain began to come with her. Pattering around her, mixing in with her tears. It was just in the middle of her clearing... her pack's clearing. She closed her eyes, trying to keep it in, but couldn't. She howled long and mournfully. Who would come to help her?


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Re: Dance in the Rain

Post by Rain on Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:50 pm

I may be young, but I am strong
She looked around, padding through to the camp center. She heard Lyli and perked up. When she approached her, she saw that she was crying...and soaking wet. She nudged the fae gently. Lyli, common its cold and wet and raining, heard at that. Please come one! She begged her alpha, trying to nudge her towards the den.

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Re: Dance in the Rain

Post by Arrow on Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:01 pm

Arrow took large steps in the mud as if his body was so heavy, with every step he took he drew himself closer to the Alphaess and Beta, his fur shook up and down dripping with rain drops as he trotted. Coming to a hault by Malaki and Lyli his paws slid as he crouched to get a grip. Finally stopping he stood there staring at the too. "Lyli do not give up hope, we are strong together." with very few words Arrow began to nudge Lyli up as he glanced at Malaki dipping his head.

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Re: Dance in the Rain

Post by Sponsored content

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