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Welcome to the Corazon! As of now we are welcoming any and all people/Rpers. Reopened on 10.9.15 we welcome anyone! Please, come and have a look around! Come one-come all!
Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

Beta Malaki OMKnMB6
The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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Beta Malaki

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Beta Malaki Empty Beta Malaki

Post by Rain on Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:39 pm



Beta Malaki Red-siberian-husky-1


Gender: Female
Age: 2
Rank: Beta Female
{If you're a rogue, type rogue}

Beta Malaki AcBxVYA


Appearance:Malaki is a wolf on her father's side, and a dog on her mother's, giving her a combination of all sorts of features. Spreading over the top of her like melted butter is dark red fur, pouring over the white fur under her that runs from her chest to the bottom of her tail. Her eyes so happen to be that bi color found in most huskies, one hazel the other blue.


Beta Malaki 2d5Luuj


Personality: Malaki is an outraguos husky. She loves to play and roam around. Usually, though, she is determined to help the pack no matter what. She's a fighter as well as a beta. Most other wolves think it's maddening that such a young animal is beta but even worse since shes a dog. She has proved time and again that she's worth the job.
{Trait one: Her strength
about it: She has incredible strength from her generations family.
Trait two: Personality;
About it: Most everyone thinks that she's nice and funny
Trait Three: Pack
About it: Like the saying, her strength comes from the pack. They help her and she helps them.
Trait one: Wars
about it: She knows that when wars come that she wont be fed as good.
Trait two: Intelligence
About it:As it may be a strength, she know what people think and they get mad.
Trait Three: N/A
About it: N/A


{Optional Picture}


Backstory: To be revealed through RP
Kin: N/A
Mate: Looking
Offspring: N/A


Additional Information:Nope
Secret Codes: Eaten By Arrow~
Theme Song: Lampshades on Fire Modest Mouse
{Any other information you wish to put can be added here}

Beta Malaki FOVzJ |  Beta Malaki 99tmS  Beta Malaki AcJQN
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Water Lvl 1 Beginner

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