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Winter Year I

September 30th- November 27th

The Ranks For The Packs OMKnMB6
The coldest it has been yet, the snow has started to fall. The winds make it even colder than it is without it. Food is scarce and the packs slowly start to deteriorate due to this.

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The Ranks For The Packs

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The Ranks For The Packs Empty The Ranks For The Packs

Post by Rain on Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:30 am

Alphas - The Two Pair Leading The Pack, Their Word Is Law. All Respect Is Shown To Them. If Say Something You Must Obey, They Are The Pack Leaders. (High Rank.)

The Betas
- The Beats Are The Second In Command And After The Alphas Die/Retire They Take Over. Their Word Is Also Law But They Follow What The Alphas Command. (High Rank)

The Delta Pair- The Third In Command, They Take Place As Betas When The Betas Become Alphas/Retire/Die. Their Word Is Also Law But Obey Their Alphas. (High Rank)

The Protector(2)- There Are Only Two Protectors, A Male And Female. They Are To Follow The Alphas And Protect Them Until Their Dying Breath, They Would Put Themselves In Front On The Alpha If There Life Is In Danger. (High Rank)

The Shaman/Healer
- They Are The Healers Of The Pack, They Are Skilled In Herbs And Taking Care Of The Wounded And Sick. They Cannot Have Mates For They Are Bound To Their Job Willingly. They Also Have A Novice In Which They Teach All Of What They Know To Them. There Can Be Two Healers And One Novice Rarely Two Novices. (Considered High Rank But Can Apply)

Lead Fighters
- There Are Up To 1 The Max, This Is A High Rank For They Plot Against Enemies And Put Together Fighting Parties And Are The Ones To Lead The War After The Alpha Of Course. (High rank)

Fighters- They Are The Ones Who Are Skilled In Combat To Battle Of Predators, Intruders And Go Into War. (Regular rank.)

Lead Hunters- There Are Up To 1 The Max, They Are Skilled In Hunting And Is A High Rank. They Lead Hunting Groups And Plot Where To Hunt And Lead The Hunting Parties. They Are Skilled In Combat As Well. (High rank.)

Hunters- Wolves Who Are Trained In Hunting And Hunt For The Pack, Although They To Have Combat Skills. (Regular rank)

Lead Scouts- They Are Up To 1 The Max, And Are Skilled In Tracking And Patrolling And Seeking Out The Danger. This Is Also A High Rank For They Lead And Plan Patrolling Parties But Are Skilled In Combat And Hunting As Well. (High rank)

Scouts- Wolves Who Scout Out Dangers And Report It To The Alphas, They Are Also Trained In Battling And Hunting. (Regular rank)

Trainee's- Are Wolves Training To Be Either; Scouts,Hunters Or Fighters. They Train Hard With Their Mentors Until They Are Skilled Properly. (Regular rank)

Elders- Are The Old And Wise Of The Pack, They Are Retired Wolves And Now Just Relax. (Regular rank)

Omegas- Are Wolves Who Are Disrespectful And On The Verge Of Getting Kicked Out. (Regular rank)

Pups- The Babies Of The Packs. (Regular rank)

Pregnant She-Wolves/Queens- They Have Pups And Care For Them (Regular rank)


Alpha/Alphess (Max 2): Leader of the pack and should be listened to at all times.

Beta Female/Male (Max 2): The second in command of the pack. If the alpha/alphess isn't present, they have the authority to control the pack while they are gone. They consult with the alphas on all pack decisions however the alphas will get the final word. (This is a mated pair)

Delta Female/Male (Max 2): They are third in command. Have the same abilities as beta's and will help them lead the pack while alphas aren't present. They also will travel to other packs to give messages if the Alpha cannot. (Don't have to be a mated pair)

Lead Guardians (4 maximum): These wolves are like elementors that control a certain type of power to help the pack. (Every wolf must have a different element.)

Medics (5 max): These wolves help other wolves that are in need of help by using there knowledge of herbs. They also try to keep peace within the packs.


Now we reached the subordinate ranks!

Guardians (Unlimited): They patrol the borders and allow those who are worthy into the pack. They are highly trusted and respected because of their wise decisions. Some guardians will also stay inside the camp and protect it or even leave with a weaker rank to protect them while theyre out.

Warrior (Literally unlimited): This is the bulk of the pack. These are the fighters, the hunters, and the spys.

Caregivers (Unlimited): These are the wolves who care for the wolves who are younger than six months. Pups under three months will not be allowed to post or thread yet for they will still be with their mothers constantly. If they do not have a pup they will take care of other sick canines that the medic is helping.

Helpers (Unlimited): They keep track of water and prey supply, along with checking the weather and seeing if every wolf is healthy enough to leave the camp (if they want too). You will also see them giving training tips to the apprentices and checking the territory for dangers.
Lower rank here:

Trainee's (Unlimited): These are the pups in training. They must be at least three months old to be an apprentice and must be trained until they are given an official rank at eight months old. Highly unlikely that they will be given a high rank unless given permission by both alphas.

Elders (unlimited): These are the elderly wise elders that will give any one advice and often help many wolves out.

Omega (unlimited): These wolves are usually not to good at any other rank and will often help caregivers, medics (find herbs), or helpers.
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